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[Motherhood Interview] Mental Health with Shelby Leppin

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Enjoy this conversation around mental health and motherhood with Shelby Leppin, a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Health Guide.

We discuss mental health in the postpartum phase and how Shelby defines when you should seek outside help based on her clinical experience. Since my mental health journey is what sparked this guide, I am excited to share this interview!

Mental Health and Motherhood with Shelby Leppin

Shelby is a Holistic Health Guide, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Health Researcher. In her own words....

"I spent years researching and studying health as a nurse and now as a nurse practitioner. However, as I wrestled with chronic depression, anxiety, and weight gain I quickly discovered that health is more than knowledge. Everyone knows that health is important, so why aren’t we healthy? Health is so much more than the number on a scale. True health requires wholeness of mind, body, and soul."

Links to connect with Shelby:

Connect with Shelby at or on instagram @shelbyleppin_renew.

Check out more from Shelby at and Postpartum Grace Guide at

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