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My 5 Heroes of 2022

Reflecting on the year 2022, here are 5 things I found to make the biggest difference this year.

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  1. Electrolytes / Minerals - For a decade, at least, I've been trying to hack my health, with little to no success. I shouldn't say that completely, I was able to get and stay pregnant in 2016, which was a challenge for years before that, so I clearly reversed some issues there, but since pregnancy and postpartum, I have felt pretty, well, terrible. I was needing 9-10 hours of sleep a night to really just have enough energy to get through the day. I went to naturopaths, holistic doctors, conventional PCP doctors, etc. Everyone had a different answer, different protocol, different reason for this extreme exhaustion. And sadly, I tried them all - thousands of dollars spent - and usually very little to show for it. Then, this year, I started upping my electrolyte game in all forms. More salt on my foods, a powder to add to my drinks (this one has been my favorite for the beauty benefits too), a mineral herbal tincture (I use this one), and now, I can definitely tell when my minerals are getting low! They've really helped my energy levels and ability to "do more" (high intensity exercise is still out of grasp, but I'm confident I can build up my resources to get there!) My new mentality with health is simply back to basics. #1 - reduce stress, #2 - get adequate sleep and #3 - listen to my body. I was doing low carb, high fat, then low inflammatory, then low histamine, yadda yadda. While I'm sure foods absolutely play a role, for me, a limited diet really does well, limit how much I eat and thus I don't get enough. While I still do primarily remain gluten-free as I notice unwanted symptoms pop up when I have it too frequently, I've started just eating whatever the heck I want and that has also been a huge help!

  2. Good Inside Book & Membership - If you've followed me for any length of time in 2022, you've heard me rave about Dr Becky Kennedy and Good Inside. I can freely admit I'm a superfan! She makes parenting advice not only practical, but really explains the why before the how in a way that makes sense. She also introduced me to Internal Family Systems which also has been GAME CHANGING for me this year. I cannot recommend her book, her podcast, or her membership program - all titled Good Inside -enough.

  3. Organic Olivia Podcast - This is another soul from the Internet that has greatly improved my quality of life. Olivia has introduced me to so many concepts and conversations that have been exactly what I needed at the right time. She's thoughtful, intentional, and highly knowledgeable.

  4. Hiatal Hernia Help - I discovered in Spring 2021, that I had a hiatal hernia, which does explain why so many "natural" protocols never helped my chronic nausea and my incessant heartburn. While surgery is one way to fix the problem, it is not always successful... but I have found exercises that have GREATLY helped my symptoms. Here's the video where I learned the exercises. I do them in the mornings - now I'm down to doing it just a couple times a week or when I start getting symptoms again!

  5. All the self-help books finally clicking - Have you ever watched a kid learn to crawl or walk? Like watch the development happen where they can't quite get it yet - they stumble, fall, tip over. They just aren't quite ready but they want to learn it so bad? I think that happened to me this year. Towards the end of the summer, something just finally clicked. I realized how NOT in control I am of so many things I was desperately trying to manipulate or grasp. I discovered how to be patient, with myself, and forgiving and see people for the imperfect and, well, damaged beings we are. I stopped expecting perfection from myself and then from others.

What were your heroes of 2022? I think this a fun way to reflect on the year and think about what made the biggest difference and how far YOU've come!

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