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Be a Better Gift Giver + Gift Guide for the 5 Love Languages

Holiday season is right around the corner, and something I am constantly working on is being a better gift giver (it is *not* my love language! ;)

While I was rounding up tips and tricks for episode 31 of the Motherhood Grace podcast, I dove deep into the 5 Love Languages and gifts appropriate for each language because it's a great (and easy) way to narrow down ideas!

I was also considering the "experiences are always the best gifts" and I agree... if your love language is quality time (or potentially acts of service or physical touch depending on the gift!) For some people, an experience gift just won't land the same way! Not that they won't appreciate it, it's just not the top way they feel loved.

Let's start at the beginning...

What are the 5 Love Languages?

The 5 Love Languages is a concept developed by Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor, speaker and author with several books on this topic. In his work, he explains that everyone has a "language" they use to speak or receive love, and knowing your language and those in relationship with you, will help to strength and deepen your connection.

There are 5 different love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation - language and words to express emotion

  • Quality Time - undivided attention

  • Physical Touch - appropriate physical touch (not just intimate)

  • Acts of Service - actions speak louder than words

  • Gifts - a heartfelt, thoughtful, purposeful gift

For example, my love language is acts of service. Nothing makes me feel more seen and loved than coming home and having laundry folded and put away or a clean kitchen, whereas my husband is words of affirmation. Saying how much I appreciate and love him, means more than if I tidied up his space or organized his closet... we receive love in very different ways, but knowing this helps tremendously!!

If you don't know your love language, click here to take a quick online quiz.

Gift Guide for the 5 Love Languages with present picture

Here's a fun Thanksgiving idea:

Have everyone take the quick 5 Love Languages quiz on Thanksgiving and share your results over dinner (way more fun than chatting politics.) You may even be surprised by what people are or feel affirmed that you knew them so well.

Now you have more insight into what each person may like… and you could make it even easier by doing a little grab bag and only gifting one person. We've used in our family for 3 years now!

Remember... below are givings for those who RECEIVE love in that specific love language!

**Some of the links below are affiliate links. It does not cost more to you but I do receive a small commission for referring you. Thanks for your support of my small business!**

Gifts for Words of Affirmation

Gifts for Quality Time

Gifts for Acts of Service

  • take something off their plate!

    • gift card to InstaCart for the year

    • deep cleaning of the house

  • subscription box for meal planning

  • breakfast in bed - tray to eat in bed

  • “day off”

  • coupon book (handmade or otherwise!)

  • Roomba

  • dry clean all the big items in the house

  • perpetual calendar with important dates marked

  • travel agent for a trip (try Pack up and Go)

Gifts for Physical Touch

Gifts for Receiving Gifts

  • something sentimental or thoughtful (not just a coffee mug, but a coffee mug with their favorite quote that matches their kitchen and tea)

  • their favorite treat or a basket of their favorite things

  • a photo print, scrapbook, photo album

  • a tangible item to remember a specific experience together

  • a monthly subscription - a gift that keeps on giving! (coffee, flowers, etc)

Pro Tip for Gift Cards

  • Include gift cards or experience gifts with a book, a bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note, or delicious box of chocolates if it doesn't feel “empty”

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