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Hey, mama! I'm Kate.

The creator and voice behind Motherhood Grace.

Transitioning from an ambitious, hard-working independent woman to I-need-you-24-7, exhausted, yet gracious mother was challenging for me. I struggled with postpartum anxiety alone for too long because I was embarrassed to admit I didn't have it all together and needed help.

I didn't know where to turn: free, unregulated mommy groups online added a lot of "noise" to my anxiety, admitting I was struggling in-person was terrifying and mothering a colicky, high-needs baby made the thought of taking care of myself utterly impossible.

Through journaling, therapy, and developing a deeper understanding of myself, I embraced this new chapter of my life and discovered the miracle of motherhood... and now I want to help other new moms experience the same.

About Kate

It's time to support mom.

Mothers are only seen ONCE at 6 weeks postpartum. With the Postpartum Grace Guide, moms check-in DAILY, creating space to slow down and navigate motherhood with support, encouragement and love.


The Postpartum Grace Guide is a hard-copy spiral-bound resource for the early postpartum phase which incorporates several of the resources known  to help with mental health:

  • Read - Discover what is going on postpartum, how to support and advocate for yourself, and so much more.

  • Write - Journaling is a powerful tool for anxiety and depression and processing emotions.

  • Color - Another tool helpful coping strategy for stress and overwhelm. 

  • Connect - Hear from other moms and discover a community of women in your corner cheering you on!

Postpartum Guide
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