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Hey, mama! I'm Kate.

The creator and voice behind Motherhood Grace.

Transitioning from an ambitious, hard-working independent woman to I-need-you-24-7, exhausted, yet gracious mother was challenging for me. I struggled with postpartum anxiety alone for too long because I was embarrassed to admit I didn't have it all together and needed help.

I didn't know where to turn: free, unregulated mommy groups online added a lot of "noise" to my anxiety, admitting I was struggling in-person was terrifying and mothering a colicky, high-needs baby made the thought of taking care of myself utterly impossible.

Through journaling, therapy, and developing a deeper understanding of myself, I embraced this new chapter of my life and discovered the miracle of motherhood... and now I want to help other new moms experience the same.


I see you, mama.

You can find plenty of memes and sarcastic videos about motherhood on the Internet, but do you really need to hear about how hard this is? Let's flip to script and support each other, let's celebrate this journey. Through the Postpartum Grace Guide, modern moms can finally feel heard, seen, and supported during the most wonderful, yet intimidating phase of our lives: raising children and ourselves.


The Postpartum Grace Guide is a hard-copy spiral-bound resource for the early postpartum phase which incorporates several of the resources known  to help with mental health:

  • Read - education! Learn what is going on postpartum, how to support and advocate for yourself, and so much more.

  • Write - Journaling is a powerful tool for anxiety and depression and processing emotions.

  • Color - Another tool helpful coping strategy for stress and overwhelm. 

  • Connect - Hear from other moms and discover a community of women in your corner cheering you on!