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[Motherhood Interview] Self-Care + Journaling with Alyssa Kuzins from The Journal Deck

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I'm thrilled to bring a new series to the Motherhood Grace blog: Video Interviews!

Sprinkled on this blog will be interviews from experts and real-life mamas who have important stories and information to share. These will be video interviews so if you are at home with your kiddos alone, you don't have to be :) You can play a video while making dinner or folding laundry or nursing a baby! Let us keep your company.

Self-Care Journaling with Alyssa Kuzins of the Journal Deck

Alyssa Kuzins is a light for females who want to discover their true selves and show up unapologetically in the world. She is the creative voice behind The Journal Deck, Self-Care Spotlight Podcast, and new membership, FemmePgh. Alyssa shares her truth and knowledge in a way that allows you to feel seen and heard and welcome to do the same. Enjoy this interview with this amazing female goddess!

Links to connect with Alyssa:

The Journal Deck: website | instagram

Alyssa Kuzins: instagram

FemmePgh: instagram


[4:00]: Alyssa's Story about the inspiration and story behind The Journal Deck

[10:08]: Healing + Self-care Modalities

  • [11:00] Journaling as an epicenter: fuses heart space + mind space... bridge is the throat/communication, the voice in the middle.

[12:20]: Self-Care is an act of knowing yourself

[13:10]: "One of the worst things we can do for ourselves is making self-care another to-do."

1. Self-care is NOT a Sunday.

2. Self-care is NOT selfish. When you have a full cup, you have more to give to others.

[13:55]: Self-care is NOT a DOING, it's not about how much you do, or what you do... it's are you BEING?

  • There is a huge difference between doing vs. being

  • Be gentle when you start journaling, because it may feel awkward or weird.

  • Don't "do" journaling... be journaling.

[18:45]: Head vs. Mind

  • Thinking/logic/intellectual = where we live all the time. We are in our HEAD (pre-frontal cortex). It's where we are taught to be in our culture.

[21:00]: Why is Journaling not used more? 2 part theory

1. It's not as shiny. It's you and your journal. It's you and your thoughts.

2. It's the most abrasive of the self-care techniques.


  • Yoga is movement/not thinking. Moving meditation... moving is the vehicle to the begin.

  • Meditation/Breathwork is using your breath or chant or your voice as the vehicle to get you out of thinking and into the being.

  • Journaling is thinking more, writing is the vehicle but it requires your Mind, not your head. We are not taught how to be in our Mind, so it feels uncomfortable.

[27:00]: Self-care can't be a passing thought or a "luxury" ... if you think in that way, it will always feel like a luxury you won't have time for. Instead, self-care is necessary.

[28:20]: Take time and space to take care of yourself to experience all of the benefits... you want to give your baby everything but you can't if you are totally depleted yourself.

[30:40] Stress management when you have a baby are SO important

[34:15]: Stress + energy channels in the body / total disconnection

[37:50]: Journaling without any other mindful behavior changes won't be a cure-all

  • Start small!

  • Making a decision to start your day with self-care will make it more likely for you to choose self-care choices later throughout your day.

  • Before you know it, it becomes a lifestyle and not a to-do list!

[42:10]: Identity shift: you have to choose to identify the life you want and the person you need to become.

  • Self-care snowball

  • Can't just make 1 decision a week for a self-care

[43:50]: When you lay the foundation in self-care, you will be able have these practices in place for the hard moments in life, especially postpartum.

[45:55]: Write it out to clear it out. Create space internally.

[46:50]: Writing is NOT the same as typing

  • Julie Cerrone: Has arthritis, can't hold a pencil some days, can attest to the difference she feels when she is writing vs typing

  • Kate's example: start printing and end writing/cursive

[51:20] Benefits of Journaling

  • Stress/anxiety/depression management

  • PTSD/trauma

  • Developing greater self-awareness

  • Confidence

  • Slow down

  • Mood booster

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Improved memory

  • Right-brain creativity

[56:00]: How our brains work under stress/fight-or-flight

  • Mom brain is scientific!

  • Journaling will keep the brain communicating back and forth.

[58:55]: The Journal Deck + how to connect with Alyssa

The Journal Deck

Links to connect with Alyssa:

The Journal Deck: website | instagram

Alyssa Kuzins: instagram

FemmePgh: instagram

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