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What stories are you telling yourself? Media messages & dogma

Episode 2 of the Motherhood Grace Podcast

Episode 2 Motherhood Grace Podcast | What stories are you telling yourself? Media messages and dogma

Hi Thank you for being here today and tuning into this important conversation starter. I'm Kate Markovitz, your host of the Motherhood Grace Podcast.

First I want to start with an affirmation. I'm going to repeat it once and then I want you to repeat it with me... outloud! If you are on a walk or in the car, no one will hear you so don't feel silly okay? okay!

I am worthy and enough exactly as I am today.

Repeat with me.

I am worthy and enough exactly as I am today.

Motherhood Grace Podcast Episode 2 Affirmation

We will come back to this notion because today's topic is all about media messages and dogma.

I want to give some context to this conversation. I just finished a work conference with a company called Beautycounter.

Our keynote speaker was bestselling author Glennon Doyle, who has written books Love Warrior and Untamed.

We had another speaker, Dr Ella Bell Smith, a Professor of Business Administration at Tuck University, who spoke about Grit, Influence, and Grace.

The CEO and Founder, Gregg Renfrew, is always speaking about confidence, boldness, and to stop apologizing for our actions, words, passions.

It was this weekend I started thinking how different the content must be for a conference for Beautycounter vs a primarily-man based company.

Do we have to tell men time and time again they are worthy?

Do we have to tell men their actions and dreams matter?

Do we have to tell men to be bolder, take ownership of their lives?

While I've never attended one of these conferences, I'm assuming not.

This is social conditioning and messaging in action... attending the conference pushed me to get this podcast moving realizing HOW MUCH women need other women being their cheerleader and support. We need to lift one another up and help each other see our worth... and I think this is very important too, in ANY role we choose to play: no kids, mother /// working woman, stay-at-homemaker. ALL are acceptable choices as long as you are living aligned and in your purpose.


I am worthy and enough as I am today.

Glennon brought up some good points, one of which she said:

"Men's passion is read as Leadership, Women's passion is read as difficult." I have a spirited daughter... she knows what she wants and is very intense at times. It would not be farfetched to call her bossy, aggressive, emotional and difficult if I wanted to make her feel small and unworthy, if I wanted her to feel shame for who she is.

No, instead I called her a trailblazer, a leader. She is passionate, strong and convicted.

But here is ACTUALLY the saddest part for me: I see A LOT of young girls like my daughter on the playgrounds and in school. I imagine I was very similar. But where do we go? We lose that innate wisdom and ability... we turn into people-pleasers, we become unsure of our worth and ignore our needs and wants in pursuit of others.

I just want women to know they are worthy of what they want. They do not have to fit this mold that society has constructed.

Here are some of the messages I've heard in my life... All of these are "shoulds"

When I'm done sharing these, I need to hear from you because I'll be doing a follow-up episode sharing those to further this discussion. Email or find me on Instagram to share.

"Women should be obedient. They are quiet and listen and do what is expected of them."

"Women think of others needs and put them before her own."

"A women is expected to do it all on her own, with a smile, making it look effortless."

"Women belong in the kitchen."

"Women should grow a baby, birth the baby, keep the baby alive and well, and be back to her pre-baby size with little to no struggle."

"Women are irrational, unpredictable, emotional, and dramatic."

"Good moms have clean and tidy homes."

"Coffee, survive, wine, repeat."

That's a lot of negativity... That's a lot of expectation so let's remember

I am worthy and enough exactly as I am today.

As I said each of the messages, I envision them being released out of me... I let them go.

In a follow-up podcast I'm going to do a reframe of all of these because I believe in rewiring our brain to create NEW patterns and beliefs, but first let's cleanse the old.

I've done this before if visualization is not strong enough for you - create a ritual of release.

Write some of the messages you've been told on a piece of paper... and then burn them (please be safe about it!). That is TRUE release. That is LETTING GO.

Now it's your turn - email some messages to or find me on Instagram @holistickate to share.


I am worthy and enough exactly as I am today.

And if you've enjoyed the affirmation, you can join my daily affirmation message by texting "PODCAST" to 412-775-3511. I'll send you a positive affirmation every day.

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