Custom Affirmation Quote Mug

Personalized affirmation mug for a new mom (or anyone!) in your life - THE PERFECT GIFT! :)

This will be a 3 sided mug:

(1) Chosen affirmation
(2) Flower bouquet
(3) Personalized name



1. Choose your mug size: 11oz or 15oz

2. Choose your affirmation:

-- I am a great mom
-- I was made for this
-- I am enough
-- Let it be easy
-- Today, I choose joy
-- One moment at a time
-- Be here now

3. Personalize with a name or generic "Mom," "Mama".

*** Please note if you would like to have a mock-up sent to you before the mug is ordered. This will delay the production process until approved. It will be assumed you do NOT want a mockup unless otherwise noted.

Mugs are made and shipped on demand. Please allow for appropriate shipping times!

Custom Affirmation Quote Mug


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